Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What i love.....and a cute print too...

My Dear friend Aimee @She's Going Bananas asked us adoptive parents what we like about Children...I have 4 children who are all unique in their own way...Since i have teens as well I'd break it down some by tot and teen..oh and preteen too!
~ Abby age 3-I love that tots don't care what they say THE JUST SAY it.I only wish i could be that bold!
-They see the simplest things and are in awe and wonder...A box can create hours of fun!
-They really could careless about making friends they think their mommy and daddy are the cat's meow
-Everything is new in their eyes and i sit and learn so much from that!
Grants Age 11 (pre-teen years) - These years are VERY VERY hard on a young one..
- You aren't scared to try new things at this age, but friends do start to influence you more.
- You still think your parents are the best! I still get hugs and kisses
- You still care about what your parents think ...;o)
- You still have innocent thoughts..ha!
Bradley and Ashley -(The teen years) hmmmm what do i say about these years? OMG HELP ME! lol
- You still need your parents BUT WONT ADMIT IT!
- The world is your oyster
- You still kiss your Mom and dad but only in private!
- Sometimes you ask your parents for advice ha!
-Because I'm a young mother i can relate to sooo much that they go through!
So you see each stage in my children's life i have loved and SOME NOT SOO MUCH!
This print reminds me of Abby and her Dinosaurs!

11 words from my friends!:

Gardenia said...

thanks for this instruction manual on kiddos. I'll tuck it away from later. and my tot is essentially loving life and her parents the same as your tot, thankfully!

Lynn said...

This is a nice post. You can tell how much you love your kids. The print is really cute, too. Did you buy it for Abby?

Lund7 said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I have kiddos in all those same age ranges as yours. I have experienced/felt much of what you have! Well said!

Hannah said...

I love it! Eleven is a hard year isn't it? Yikes. I am dreading those teen years.

Love the picture of Abby and her dinos!!

Carrie said...

AWWWW! Sweet post and idea. I am going to do it too. Each stage has its ups and downs. Love that print too.

One Busy Momma said...

Love the print!!!!
Hope you have it...or have it on order! ;)

It's cool how you describe all of your kids!
mine are soo close in age... guess those teen years are really gonna test me! *laughs*

a Tonggu Momma said...

I've been told that the toddler and preschool years are physically draining, but the teen years are emotionally draining. After reading this, I'm guessing that advice was right.

Leah and Maya said...

what a fantastic print, I bet she loves that photo. hey if she's still into dino's next birthday that cake was super easy to make (not to frost) you could make it look more like a dinosaur if you wanted.

Rachel said...

Awe - love the way you described all your kiddos (and that you still get kisses from them all, maybe just not in front of their friends!)


Stacey and Dewey said...

Very well put!! Each stage of a childs life is simply amazing. And it really helps to have a postive attitude to make it through those teenage years ;)

aamayna said...

That print is adorable! I love your summary!! Very true and much to look forward to!