Friday, November 13, 2009

FFF~ Beautiful gift(s)~

Friday theme is BEAUTIFUL gifts...These are mine!

Many people have said to me

'What a pity you had such a big family to raise.

Think of the novels and the short stories and the poems you never had time to write because of that.'

And I looked at my children and I said,

'These are my poems. These are my short stories.'

-Olga Masters

9 words from my friends!:

Kim & Dave said...

Amen, Leslie! What a privialge, huh?

Jane said...


Rachel said...

Beautiful family and love the sweet sentiment at the end as always - you always have such awesome quotes!!

Happy Friday - so glad the weekend is here!

Gardenia said...

beautiful. they are your pulitzer prizes!!!!

One Busy Momma said...

Beautiful picture!!!!!

Love the quote on large families!
I would love a larger family...but I certainly do NOT feel bad about having "soo many kids"!

Have a great weekend!

Marsha said...

Sweet post!!! Big families are a blessing and I know you or I would not have it any other way!!!

Spudsnsalsa said...

LOOOOVE the quote!!! Some of us have poems, some short stories, and some have sagas and Peace?!? (:

Melinda said...

Great picture!! Big families are a blessing!

Bobbi said...

They are wonderful gifts, aren't they---most of the time:>)