Friday, September 25, 2009

They get old tooo fast!

My Daughter Ashley is a Junior this year and my mind keeps thinking

"WHEN the heck did that happen?"..

She is going with her Step-father to her 1st College Open House in Nov to Case Western Reserve (kens Alma Mater)..

SERIOUSLY wasn't she just going on her first Trick or treat?

She just got her first job and starts next week..Its seasonal for 6 weeks working in a pumpkin patch painting kids faces!
All artists have to start somewhere!

6 words from my friends!:

Spudsnsalsa said...

Waaaay too fast!!! Better the pumpkin patch than the tatoo parlor don't you think? Thanks for sharing with us.

Gardenia said...

this is the artist daughter. well that's a great place to have her first job. and that is a darling pic of her as a teeny little one. time, it be flyin' !

aamayna said...

Its gone in a blink of an eye! She looks so darn cute here!!

Kellie said...

How cute is she! Where's the pumpkin patch? I think we should all head out there and visit!

Hannah said...

Look at that sweet baby face. My nephew is a junior this year and it is killing me...i can't imagine when it is one of my babies

Bobbi said...

Hope that they have fun at the college visit!!

They do grow up so fast!! How great that she has a job.