Thursday, April 9, 2009

thursday 13 Letter N

This weeks letter is N (I forgot to do this last week)DOH!

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1. Nosey-sometimes I'm nosey..sorry i like a good story and other people interest me!

2. Noodles- My 15 year old daughter is a vegetarian and ONLY eats noodles! NO SAUCE..gag!

3. Nurse- I ALWAYS wanted to be a nurse but now that i have stayed many times in the hospital i changed my mind..THAT'S A VERY VERY hard job..I'm a wimp!

4. Napa Valley- Is heaven on earth and where i will move after i win the Lotto! ***A picture i took on our honeymoon to napa!****

5. Nick Jr.- Thanks to Abby its on all day until 2pm then Sponge bob comes on!!

6. Naked- I'm uncomfortable being naked..i really have to lose 10lbs! lol

7. Nordstrom- A store that i cant afford to go into!

8. Neapolitan ice Cream- is one of my top fave ice cream flavors..Yummy mixed flavors!

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9. Nectarines-i love this fruit but they aren't in season very long the time they are sent to Ohio from Florida they go bad fast !

10. Night Owl-I love staying up late fact I'm up at midnight doing this!

11. Nine West- Makes VERY comfy shoes

12. Nasty- i think cleaning toilets is the nastiest chore! GAG GAG GAG

13. Nails- I love to see nails painted BUT i never paint my fingernails NEVER..I do paint my toes !

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6 words from my friends!:

Terri said...

How fun!!!
Check out the Nordstrom clearance racks!!! That's what I do!
I'm like your daughter...I don't need sauce on my pasta! YUMMy!!!

Hannah said...

I actually entered college with a a nursing major...Now I can not believe I ever thought of doing that. After Dmitry's surgery I can admit I do not have what it takes...Nurses are awesome!!

Give Nordstrom a chance. They have pretty good sales. I have gotten some killer deals on shoes there!

Valerie said...

Leslie you crack me up!

Rachel said...

You are a night-owl girlie - two posts in a row right at midnight.

I'm with you on the nails painted thing. I can't remember the last time my fingernails were painted but my toes ALWAYS have polish on them!

ANDREEA said...

You are kiling me with that icecream...oh my God!!!!!:)

Bobbi said...

I always enjoy when you do these. I too love Nick Jr, and turn it off when SpongBob comes on. Talk about a waste of oxygen!! NOGGIN is all kids all day:>)

You and I have a lot in common, according to the letter N!!