Thursday, April 30, 2009

Say a prayer for Amber...Cancer sucks

Another adoptive mother named Amber found out she has Breast Cancer and had surgery yesterday...Pray for her and read her blog and show your support

We meet Amber and her family in Guatemala on our visit trip in Aug 2006 .. Her daughter (Gabbi) is the 3rd baby from the right next to my Abby in pink (they looked like twins and still do)

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Abby and Mayna ...BFF's

Just some BFF's hangin at the zoo! If you'd like to see more pics of the girls @ the zoo go to Aimee's blog @

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hammock is ready and up..

Come on summer....I got a Mayan hammock...ITS so VERY comfy! COME ON SUMMER!

Here is Abby helping her father put it together!
WAIT..must take a break and catalog shop...

DONE....Now Abby and ken MOVE OFF my toy.......

Friday, April 24, 2009

A moment that took my breath away....

I took a picture this evening looking at it.. my eyes filled with tears...I don't always see the resemblances of Abby to her Birth Mother....Tonight i saw it VERY Strong...Abby has a fuller face but I'm pretty sure Abby is eating more...
I will repost this on Mother's Day just had to share tonight!

Birthmother by Leslie Gallimore
B is for the bravery of putting your child first
I is for the interest you have in your child
R is for remaining true to what you believed is best
T is for the tears you shed
H is for the hours you spend pondering adoption
M is for the months you were pregnant
O is for the overwhelming and mixed emotions
T is for the terrific woman you are
H is for the honor you deserve
E is for the experience of labor
R is for the reward of choosing life

FFF~ME~~~Yeah im hot!!

FFF theme this week is ME~~ We had to get out the cameras and take a pic of ourselves! OK here goes....

YEP with lots of make up and surgery i do look like Angelina! YEP that's ken! LOL

NOOOO WAY in heck I'm taking a pic of me in the AM!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Abby got her 2nd haircut..

I took Abby to get her 2nd haircut yesterday...I love it!

Take one:Eyes closed(look at those lashes!)

Take two: perfect with a messy cake face!

Take 3:mom im done..Leave me and Lamby alone!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...More Ashley Artwork!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Guatemala..Please watch and listen..

I found this video on youtube a few days ago and posted on Facebook...Its a VERY powerful message of the change that women of Guatemala (and around the world) are making! SUCH a great video please watch....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Abbys 3rd birthday party is almost here!!! shhhh dont tell her...

Abby's 3rd bday is May 17th but we are having her party May 9th...This year i stumbled upon a site where you can hire a lady to come and host a real tea party!

Here is her ad...

Party time: Approximately two hours

Invite all your guests to arrive in their 'Sunday best' for an exquisite Tea Party!!!!

Guests will enjoy having a light makeup session of eye shadow, blush, and glitter.

Each guest will also be able to dine in one of our feather boas!

We will make a craft to take home and play a theme related game or two before we begin the fun of the Tea Party.
At the Tea Party the guests will help set the your table to create an elegant atmosphere.

We will then enjoy a scrumptious meal of finger sandwiches, fruit kabobs, mini muffins, and teapots full of juice on our beautiful china dishes.

We may even learn a lesson or two of etiquette!

OK seriously WHAT FUN !!!!!

AND ABBY loves to play tea party mostly with Homer Simpson and Dora! ...CANT WAIT!

Saturday, April 18, 2009 finds!

I think many of your know that I'm addicted to ...well i had to share my AWESOME finds with you!

OK I found a lady who makes Vintage style baby tshirts and onesies...SHE will do whatever you want and she has some pretty cool ones already made...All shirts are 9.99 free ship too!

Guatemalan worry doll shirt!

This lady makes tile pendants W/ different country pics and languages..Most are $15.00

Please share your favorite sites with me and lets give these talented women some business!

Friday, April 17, 2009


FFF theme is ***SIGH these pics make me miss summer!**

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday 13 is letter O

O Pictures, Images and Photos

1. Orphanages-a place where children go who are with out family..MANY will never be adopted..This is a baby in China AND YEP THEY sleep in those hard cribs!

2. Orphans-Today there are more than 143 million orphans in the world;Every 90 seconds, another orphan dies from malnutrition.

3. Organ Donation- I'm a organ donor ...What do we need are parts for when we are gone?

4. Old- i just turned 36 and really i DONT feel too bad for my age!!! LOL

5. Orthodontist-I have two out of 4 kids who have had braces...ITS pricey but they do feel better about themselves!!!

6. Olympics- I have always loved the Summer and winter Olympics But that Michael Phelps really kept me watching!

7. Oyster- i have never tried them.. ANYTHING raw and looks like snot i wont eat! GAG

8. Ohio- The state i was born in and have lived in my whole life...I one day need to move! We have AMAZING summers highs in the 80-85 low humidity ...BUT THOSE winters are not fun!

9. Outside-i swear we live outside in the summer..I have one of those tent gazebos and i live in it! Here is a pic of my OTHER HOUSE!

10. (The)Office- Is my #1 favorite show it makes me glad that i quit my last job!

11. Ohio State Football- They have really angered me over the past few seasons BUT its the only team i will sit and watch for more then 20minutes!! GO BUCKS! OH-...

12. Oreos-I SWEAR THE BEST cookie EVER MADE!!!

13. OINK-stop looking at that Oreo!!!

If you want to see more go to ...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...**NOTICE the look of joy on Kenny's face?***

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ana's 3rd bday...

Our dear friend Ana had her 3rd bday a few weeks ago and i feel very blessed to share in that GREAT celebration!
The adoption journey of Ana is truly a blessing and taught her parents that it was all IN GODS TIME! They started the journey in the beginning of 2006 with us and they JUST brought her home in July 2008....WE LOVE you ANA!!!

Ana and Emma
My Abby of course enjoying her cupcakes!
Abby's BFF Mayna(yes they both love food) @ Mayna and Aimee
the party gang...Abby looks like she may of thought it was LIMBO time!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Some Bunny lovin...

Abby is in LOVE with Rabbits....She loves them more then cats! She has lots of stuffed ones...

UMMM did i mention she also LOVES snakes too!!! YIKES!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter..With love!

Here is a better pic of her shoes! OK how can you have Easter without Easter bunny shoes?LOL

Have a BLESSED Easter my Friends!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

FFF~~ Easter's/Springs past~OLD school alert!

Yep in going old school this Friday.......Posting some pics of Easter/Springs past!!!

Me 1976 Age 3

The year was 1975 and i had red hair? Wow look at those brown shoes!

OMG my two oldest babies Spring 1995 (ages 2,8 months) ..

I miss them @ this sweet age..OH bradley was just sooooooooo darn cute!!!

Grant age 2 (almost 3) 2001

kids Baptism day 2000

The first Easter of 4 2007

Of course the real reason for the holiday!

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thursday 13 Letter N

This weeks letter is N (I forgot to do this last week)DOH!

letter n Pictures, Images and Photos

1. Nosey-sometimes I'm nosey..sorry i like a good story and other people interest me!

2. Noodles- My 15 year old daughter is a vegetarian and ONLY eats noodles! NO SAUCE..gag!

3. Nurse- I ALWAYS wanted to be a nurse but now that i have stayed many times in the hospital i changed my mind..THAT'S A VERY VERY hard job..I'm a wimp!

4. Napa Valley- Is heaven on earth and where i will move after i win the Lotto! ***A picture i took on our honeymoon to napa!****

5. Nick Jr.- Thanks to Abby its on all day until 2pm then Sponge bob comes on!!

6. Naked- I'm uncomfortable being naked..i really have to lose 10lbs! lol

7. Nordstrom- A store that i cant afford to go into!

8. Neapolitan ice Cream- is one of my top fave ice cream flavors..Yummy mixed flavors!

ice cream Pictures, Images and Photos

9. Nectarines-i love this fruit but they aren't in season very long the time they are sent to Ohio from Florida they go bad fast !

10. Night Owl-I love staying up late fact I'm up at midnight doing this!

11. Nine West- Makes VERY comfy shoes

12. Nasty- i think cleaning toilets is the nastiest chore! GAG GAG GAG

13. Nails- I love to see nails painted BUT i never paint my fingernails NEVER..I do paint my toes !

If you'd like to play go to this blog;