Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday 13..letter I

This weeks letter is I and I is a very hard letter...

1.Ice Cream-MY favorite dessert in the WHOLE world when i was pregnant with my first i ate it 3 times a day! I gained the 32lbs to prove it!
I'm drooling about this photo...YUM

2. Igoo-I hate being cold so that doesnt appeal to me at all!

3. Ireland-My #1 country I want to visit before i die...

4. Innie-My belly button ;o)

5. Irish- IM 25% you know any Polish,Mexican,Irish people? LOL

6. Icky- Beans I HATE all kinds of BEANS!!! ICKY!

7. Insect- the only ones i love are lady bugs..Sign of good luck!

8. Island-Im soo sick of this crappy ohio winter that i WISH daily i was on a damn tropical island!

9. Illness-I have only had 4 small cold this winter season 3 oldest have had more then i can count!

10. Ink- Blue is my favorite ink. I will search the whole house for one before i use any other color!

11. Invisible- One of the superpowers i wish i had..YEA know to see if people talk about me when im not around! LOL

12. Iron- I WILL NOT iron..i stick it back in the dryer
on wrinkle free setting to get the wrinkles out first!!! BAD WIFE!

13. Imaginary Friends- when i was a little girl i had two imaginary friends named Donny and Marie...YEA laugh!!!

If you'd like to play along to to this blog above....

13 words from my friends!:

Our Complete Family said...

Fun to read! There were so many that I was going, 'Me, too' to when I read them! :)
Happy day wishes hun~ xo Les

Rachel said...

How funny - I'm with you on the beans (yuck yuck yuck unless green beans count and I do like those) and Ironing - seriously who does that?

Marlene said...

I hate to iron too but am obsessed with it. I iron every morning and all my kids clothes too. I know I have issues. Look another "I" word. LOL! BTW... What is the mommy marketplace blog all about and can I join?

Valerie said...

Oh, ice cream! I'm craving it right now, but can't have it. I gave it up for Lent=:(
I just added visiting to Ireland to my bucket list earlier this week! I would love to go there, plus I also am a little Irish along with Polish and Belgium.
Maybe me and you should go on a tropical get away. I'm sooo tired of this cold weather here in Indiana.

Heidi said...

I hate ironing as well. I'll re-wash it too if I have to! I'd love to visit Ireland also. I want to see how green it is!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Fabulous list! I love "innie"! I didn't think of insect and seriously, does anyone iron anymore? lol! I don't even own one. lol!

Thanks for linking up! See you next week!

Jaime Salas said...

How hard to come up with "i's!"

Love the new blog design.

Steph said...

ICE CREAM!!!! I have been on an ice cream binge the last 2 weeks. Bad, very bad, but ohhh soooo GOOOD!!!

Bobbi said...

I love reading these!! You are so fun

Don and Be said...

Yikes! Irish AND Mexican!?!
That's quite a combination.
I'm half Irish and half German.
I'm always at war with myself.

Brandie said...

I was hard..

Trina G. said...

great list.

Jennifer said...

Blue ink pens ROCK! I knew we were soul sistahs!