Sunday, March 1, 2009

St. Augustine Academy Girls night out!

My Dear friend Heather and i planned a little high school Reunion party for all classes.. Over 23 women showed up....I went to a All girls Catholic School that is no longer meeting up isn't a easy feat BUT thanks to dear Facebook we did!!! Deb Then 1990

Stephanie Then 1992The Giersz sisters now ..sorry couldn't find a senior pic of Tina she was c/o 93...We have been friends since the 6Th grade!!!
Quinn then
Quinn w/ Stephanie

Lisa then

Yeea Stephanie again with LisaHeather Then
Me then Heather and I now (heather just got back from FL darker then Mexican me)

I have a few more pics i didn't post if you are my facebook friend you can check them out there!!! IF you dont have Facebook you my friend are missing out! LOL
I hope we can do it again in the fall!
~~~ We live for the nights we'll never forget with the friends we'll always remember. - Author Unknown

14 words from my friends!:

Suzanne said...

Those are great! I love seeing all of the pics from the past. The pics from high school are the best ones to look back at-I have such big hairsprayed hair! Hilarious!

Cindy said...

How great!
I'm on Facebook, too. Send me a friend requst, if you want. (I don't know your last name, even though I feel like I know you :)

Bobbi said...

Gotta love FB!! Looks and sounds like a lot of fun. You have aged beautifully

Bobbi said...

Gotta love FB!! Looks and sounds like a lot of fun. You have aged beautifully

Bobbi said...

Gotta love FB!!! Looks like a lot of fun. You have aged beautifully

Our Complete Family said...

I need to go peek at the Facebook pics! I am so glad you had such a great girls night out~ you deserve it hot mama!
Love ya, Les

Valerie said...

Let me guess, was it Aquanet hairspray? I have a few like that, I generally try to hide them from my hubby.

Pineapple Princess said...

What a blast! I love those "glamour" shots from the
90's. I've got a few myself! Hee,hee!
What great friends and memories you must have!

Terri said...

Hola from Guatemala!
Looks like you all had tons of fun!

Marsha said...

Looks like you had fun!! Always great to see people from your past, sometimes!!!

All these B's and Me! said...

What a great post! I have found so many old friends off of FB and I love it!

April said...

So funny looking back at old pics and now, I know you had a great time together,sounds like a lot of fun!!!! Happy Monday Leslie!!

p.s. tell your daughter I am waiting on Easter to get a good pic of the girls together in the spring for her to do their portrait pic drawing..I will keep you posted..

Gail said...

What fun!! Glad you had a good time.

Rhonda said...

What a lot of fun. Some day I have got to sit my behind down and learn that FB stuff!!! It just confuses the hell out of me!