Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Thursday 13 Letter H

OK I'm going to try this on Thursday ..My dear Blogger Buddy Alicia @ does it so it has to BE FUN!

letter h Pictures, Images and Photos

1.) Hogs- I am addicted to Bacon....I could eat it every darn day and NEVER get sick of its salty goodness...OINK OINK
bacon strip Pictures, Images and Photos

2. Hunks- George Clooney ...YUM like bacon!

Goerges Clooney Pictures, Images and Photos
3.) Home- I love my house (when its clean) ...

4.) Hair - I love my hair after a cut and highlight
..SEE pretty!

5.) Horny- Like a Rams horn! What was your mind thinking? LOL

Big Horn Pictures, Images and Photos

6.)Hoola Hoop- my hips are so big its easy for me to keep it up! sadly!

7. Howard- Our friend who hired Ken at the job we met at..Without him we wouldnt be together..Howard also has two children adopted from Guatemala ..wouldnt have abby either!

8.)Happy- I think overall im a happy person and ALWAYS have a smile on my face! I have the laugh lines to prove it!!!

9.)Homeless- On any given night in America, anywhere from 700,000 to 2 million people are homeless.How blessed we are!

10.) Honda-I love my Honda CRV ..Im a Honda fan 100%

11.) Hawaii- hope to see that beautiful state before i die!! HINT HINT KENNY!

tiny Pictures, Images and Photos

12.) Hot dogs-Only grilled with mustard and relish ( i miss summer)

13.) Hamper- well my a@@ better get off Blogger and do some laundry ...doesnt clean itself!

hamper Pictures, Images and Photos

11 words from my friends!:

Valerie said...

Bacon? Bacon? Did someone say bacon? I love bacon! I can eat an entire package myself in one sitting. I used to let my hubby have four pieces then the rest was for me, at least I shared some! I try not to eat it as much, but when we were in Guatemala last Feb. I ate it every morning with scrambled eggs, and it was GOOD!
I also LOVE getting my hair highlighed!

All these B's and Me! said...

Your hair looks FABULOUS! I too drive a Honda and would not drive anything else! Love them! :o) Great list girlfriend.

Our Complete Family said...

Cute post idea!
Happy Thursday to you! Hey, it's 'Thirsty Thursday'...doesn't that mean we get a glass of wine tonight?!? ;)
Hugs, Les

Our Complete Family said...

Hmm, not sure if my last comment will go through. I didn't get the confirmation thingy I normally get. And, to save myself looking like the huge dork I can be, I won't type the same thing again!!! ;)
Happy Thursday chicadee. Hugs, Les

Marsha said...

CUTE idea!!!!

Lund7 said...

That is a fun idea. I don't know if I could come up with 13 creative items each week AND find pictures for all them!!

Terri said...

What a fun post! I admit...when it came to horny...I paused for a second in thought!!! lol

Lilysmom said...

you make laugh!! And yes I do believe our girls share the same cute as a button nose.

Rhonda said...

That was cute, had to chuckle. I don't think I've seen that on any of the other blogs yet!!

kstonc said...

I'm with you on #10- I LOVE my Honda- though it's a cool purple Honda Fit, rather than a CRV. I can get into any parking space and still fit two huge carseats and groceries! Which reminds me...I need to get it wash. Poor girl has been neglected

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Very nice list! Hamper is a good one! Thanks for playing and we hope to see you net week!

Have a great weekend!