Monday, February 2, 2009

Mayan Families Student Sponsorship

Im not sure if you know about this wonderful Student sponsorship program called Mayan Families....Please check out the website Once a year we sponsor a student named Daniel,he in the 4th grade and is 10 years old He is one of 7 children (for more info about him
they also give you ages and names of his family members and some of the things they have and DON'T have in their home....

My goals for this year is to buy this family Onil stove( i think thats over $200)
They need a table and chairs that's $125 (4 chairs,table)
Water Filter so they can have clean drinking water $40
When my children and I get Birthday $ we give half to Daniel and his familia..What a small amount to give to make a families life easier!

If your interested in this program its
$150 per year for a grade school student
$350 per year for junior high
$450 for high school
$450 for University student
This includes Dress shoes,tennis shoes,book bag,T-shirt and shorts for gym,Uniform,enrollment fee and School supplies

queremos daniel

6 words from my friends!:

Valerie said...

Saw your post and just sponsered a student (our first ever). His name is Salvador and he's a cutie!

We live in Indiana, about 20 min. northwest of Fort Wayne. We have to get together sometime.

What's this about the VA getaway?

Rachel said...

Wow - it is absolutely amazing how a life/lives can be changed for $150, thanks for the link and the breakdown of what things costs - it's a real eye opener!!!

Rhonda said...

VA getaway, hey, what did I miss???? I love sponsoring our family. We were so fortunate in that we actually got to meet them and I got to hug our little sweetie pie.

Marsha said...

Such a beautiful family!!! There are so many needy families out there and that is so heartbreaing to me!!

All these B's and Me! said...

That is amazing!

April said...

Oh Leslie, our family supports our student through Mayan families and it is amazing, I also bought our family an onvil stove, just a little money that will make a huge difference in their lives, I am so glad you posted about this to get the word is a wonderful organization..