Thursday, February 5, 2009

The life is Grand Award And a cute pic of abby!

One of the reasons why MY LIFE IS GRAND..ABBY! MUAH

Thanks you to my Blogger Buddy Suzanne

Per the rules,
I have to list 5 reasons why Life is Grand and pass this on to 5 friends

1. That i am blessed with 4 amazing children

2. I have found out what True love is with my 2nd hubby Ken

3. That i have a roof over my head,a pantry full of food etc.

4. That being my 30s has been better then what i thought it would be (40's hmm not sure!)

5. That anytime i have to vent i MANY friends to vent to...GRACIAS amigas!

Now i tag 5 friends to tell me about their GRAND lives!

1. Rhonda

4. Mindy

9 words from my friends!:

Terri said...

Very cute picture of Abby!
They say our 40's are the "new" 30's so....we shall see!

Carrie said...

Love that photo and you are grand friend with a great life and family. Lots to be happy about!

Rachel said...

Our sweeties (big and little) sure do make our life "grand" don't they!!!

Suzanne said...

I have loved my 30's! Especially the longer I am in them-the better they get.

Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Oh how cute is that picture of Abby! Her facial expression is too darn cute! How can you resist kissing the skin off those cheeks!!! Oh and I love your grand answers ... it was fun to read!! Hope you are having a great day! Hugs from MN!


April said...

Love the pic of Abby...

All these B's and Me! said...

I swear she looks just like a porcelin doll. Just as cute as she can be. Loved reading your answers too. :o)

Pineapple Princess said...

I'm in love with that picture of Abby!
It is fun to learn more about you!

Rhonda said...

Beautiful picture of Abby :-)

Ahhh, thanks for the award, that was so sweet. We are all just so incredibly fortunate, aren't we? Just looking at our little blessings every day and I think now how can life ever get better than this!!!

Hugs, Rhonda