Monday, January 19, 2009

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I love this poem it made me Cry...Its everything i want my children to do!
Martin Luther King Pictures, Images and Photos
by Unknown Author

Treat people kindly.
Do what is fair.
Work for all people
Show that you care..
Change what is wrong,
but please, do not fight.
Think of new ways
to change wrong to right.
These are the ways
if we work as a team
to remember the manwho said,
"I have a dream".

8 words from my friends!:

Terri said...

Nice poem!

JuJu - said...

beautiful Leslie
One person can make a difference -
he sure did:)

Valerie said...

I love it! Where did you find the poem? Brought tears to my eyes (I also cry whenever I hear "I have a dream." It's exactly how I feel about my kiddos.

Rhonda said...

great poem!

Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Beautiful post Leslie ... and thanks for sharing such an amazing poem - I had never read it before but I share your sentiments ... Hugs from MN!


Bobbi said...

What a great poem. I am so excited to watch some of his dreams really come true tomorrow

One Busy Momma said...


Things we can only hope we achieve!

April said...

Such a beautiful poem and so true...thanks for posting!!