Saturday, January 24, 2009


These are prints made by an artist named Claudia Tremblay, who lives in a village near Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. They are breathtaking...

I wonder if my daughters Birth mother got to hold Abby after she was born(I know that she was held for the DNA photo) or kiss her goodbye? Another Mothers sadness is anothers happiness. These pictures say sooo much!

Birth mother Poem

We have a bond,Dear Birthmother and i,

It's the love of a child, we cant deny.

You are a blessing from afar,

To send to us your bright shining star.

Her journey to us would not have occurred,if your love for her would had

ever swerved.

I thank you this day from the bottom of my heart,sacrifice to one,to

another a fresh start.

This start includes honor to you,as you are the birthmother,twill

always be true.

But I have the pleasure of continuing her journey,as her adoptive

Mom ,there is no returning.

We have a bond,dear birthmother and I,I pray i will meet you one day

in the sky.

I will treasure my blessing every day until then,and pray you'll be

there, so i can thank you again!

-LeAnn Fischer

13 words from my friends!:

Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

I have one of her is a baby that looks to be being delivered by a stork....Have it nicely framed on my wall...Lyza calls it the Guate Baby! I tried to order more prints from her for families last year and I could never get her to respond to the order (it was huge) and so I reimbursed everyone their money. I hated that.....I know we all really wanted those pictures. They are sweet/beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing yours. I'll have to put mine up sometime to show you!

Joanna said...

I love Claudia Trembley, and agree that her paintings say so much and truly speak to our hearts as mothers. Beautiful.

Jessica said...

Great Post. You can see so much in those pictures.

howie mama said...

Those are beautiful! I often think of our birthmother as well. I hope she knows how happy and loved Collin is. I wish I could thank her for the precious gift.

Don and Be said...

The paintings take me right back to Atitlan - we called it "Gringocastenango" there were so many Americans. It is a beautiful area.
I would love to know the story of JMei's birth parents. That is a beautiful poem!

Christina said...

Those are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Do you actually have these pictures or are you able to order one or more of them? I LOVE them.

Terri said...

Oh Wow! Love the birthmom poem! I'm making Isaiah a photo book to give our birthmom and i'm going to out that in it!
Thanks for posting it.

ANDREEA said...

I love this post!Beautiful!

Jessica said...

How beautiful! My good firend has adopted to bautiful little girls from Guatemala and she will love this poem!

I wanted to share my kid product giveaway with you.

One Busy Momma said...

Beautiful paintings!!!

Touching poem also...

Bobbi said...

Those are breathtaking!! I love the poem as well. Thinking of Reese's BM, always makes me so emotional. I do know that she was there when he went with his foster mom. The pictures are truly moving. I also cherish them.

Loved all the baby pics below. You were a cute baby!!

Marsha said...

Love the paintings!!! I often think of my kids birthmothers and wonder how often they think of them. Words can't express how greatful I am for the gift they have given us!!

Rhonda said...

The pictures are absolutely breath taking. I wonder too the feelings that have to be going through the birthmom's heart at the DNA appts. Makes me sad though I couldn't even begin to love these munchkins more than we do!