Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trendy Tuesday...More toys of the 80's

I loved my toys growing up..did you have these?
I wasnt a fan of this toy..
80s toys Pictures, Images and Photos
80s toys Pictures, Images and Photos
lite brite Pictures, Images and Photos
OMG i wanted this soooo bad But mom said "no its tooo messy!"
snoopy sno cones Pictures, Images and Photos
Since i stink at spelling i wished i would have played with this one more!
speak and spell Pictures, Images and Photos
OMG loved the Care Bears..
Care Bear Bedtime Pictures, Images and Photos
Why dont they make toys like this anymore? LOL

12 words from my friends!:

Angie's blog said...

Loved Simon! I was pretty good in my younger days. Can't remember a thing after having children:) Don't think I would do too well. Light bright was so much fun. Who needs that spelling game with spell check now???-LOL That rubick cube has more squares than I can count:) Fun, fun, fun games:) Thanks for posting the memory lane games:)

Tina said...

Loved Lite Bright and care bears...and a few others I'm sure not many people remember.

Terri said...

Okay, We dont have this is common this week. lol
I LOVED Simon and I was awesome at the rubicks Cube. I never cared for the care bears, I'm not sure why?
Oh, wait..I loved the snow cone machine too and I could of used the spelling machine as well!
Simple toys are a thing of the past now! Too bad!

Amy said...

OMG...the speak and spell! I had totally forgotten about the speak and spell!

Kelly said...

Girel I miss my lite brite!!!!!!And I loved my spelling thingy. Thanks for the memories!!!

Valerie said...

Oh, I always wanted a lite brite. My parents would never get me one, too many little pieces to step on. But, we had Care Bears and still do.

Heidi said...

I had all those toys! The snocone machine was the best!

Mama Bear said...

Did my oldest son's baby room in Care Bears, LOL Hmmmm, that was a LOOOOOONG time ago!!!

Bobbi said...

MEMORIES!! Wow, that brings them back. I wasn't into care bears, but remember the snow cone machine--but never had one. WANTED the speller I love to spell--a friend had it. Not big on the light bright either--but Simon and the RUbix Cube played with them until they broke. Our kids don't know what they are missing

Lilysmom said...

you know the rubix cube was very simple. You just had to peel all the stickers off and place them where you needed them to be.

Cindy said...

Flashback! And how funny - Caitlyn is having a birthday party this weekend and one thing we are doing is buying everyone a Rubik's cube a teaching them to solve it!

Our Complete Family said...

I wanted that same sno cone maker and never got it either! Must have something to do with our name, right?!?
Fun flashback. Oooh, remember those glo worms, too???
Love and hugs, Les