Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tag your it....

My Sweet friend Jennifer

tagged me and I'm supposed to list 7 weird things about myself..I have tagged 7 blogger friends.If your one of them copy the award off my blog,list 7 weird things about yourself,and then pass the award on to 7other bloggers!!!

1. I hate music boxes! Every time i hear one i get creeped out I mean creeped out!! So i hated going into that store The San Francisco Music box company to get my Granny her damn water globes!!!! YIKEEESSSS

2. I have a horrible habit of buying things in 2's..If i buy a shirt i have to buy two and the strange thing is I don't really notice very often that i do it until i get home and say "geez why did i buy two pairs of shoes etc???

3. I sleep with a fleece blanket since i was 15 and NO ONE is allowed to use it but me! It has farm animals on it and i call it "Lamby"...One time my hubby said when i leave he sleeps naked on it...He's teasing....HE BETTER BE!!!!!!

4. I am a cold person NOT COLD as in evil just cold as in my body temp.!! I live in a old home and i freeze from Oct till May ...In Mid January it gets very cold in Ohio i will sit in my living room with ........2 pairs of socks,slipper,Lamby blanket,2 shirts,fleece pants and my wool hat on to watch T.V!Why others in the house are in short sleeves! Dont worry there will be a blog pic soon! LOL

5. I like real life prison shows ya know the ones you see on MSNBC where they go behind Death Row. Creeps Ken out!

6. I can put both legs behind my head! Its getting harder to do since I'm in my mid 30's and all!LOL

7. I break into dance and song whenever i can and where ever i am! I also like to make up silly songs!

Well now that you read all these you can say "Wow maybe she needs therapy!?" Nah its just who I am!!! LOL

These are my friends who i tagged go and see how weird they are!

1.Katie Katie and the Twins

2. Lisa Lisa and Sophia

3.Ruthie Ruthie

4.Kelly @ Skylie

5.Stacey @ Stacey plus 12 kids!

6. Aimee @ Mayna and Aimee

7. April @ April and her 2 m & m's

7 words from my friends!:

Valerie said...

Glad I'm not the only person who wears that many clothes in fall and winter. My hubby says I dress like I live in Alaska!, nope it's just the cold, crappy weather of Indiana.

Jennifer said...

Hahaha!!! See, there is a reason you buy everything in 2''s so that when Winter comes you can double up on everything!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend you little nut!!!

jeck said...

You crack me up!!! LOL!!

Our Complete Family said...

You are just so funny! I had fun reading your 7 weird things! I was laughing out loud here and it's almost midnight...when I read what your hubby said about your blanket. He has a good sense of humor. Oooh, you'd better hope it's just a sense of humor, right girl?!? ;) I love those tv shows you mentioned, too. Soul sistas we Leslies are!!! Love and hugs, the other weird Leslie!!! ;)

Rhonda said...

Toooo funny!

Andrea said...

Hi Leslie, thank you for coming to my blog, it's fun to come to yours and get to read your "tagged" comments. Those are always fun. You have a beautiful family! Blessings

Lilipie's Mommy said...


I loved learning more about you! You are a hoot! :) Thanks for thinking about me. I just posted my answers on my blog. :)