Sunday, November 30, 2008

O' Christmas Trees...

This year i think I'm going to put up my 3 trees..Since Abby has come home this is the first year that she has been more of a helper then a tree destroyer!

This is my Cartoon tree or the kids tree

One day i promise I'm going to read my camera instructions so i can take better pics! Until then just deal with my fuzzy photos! LOL

This is my little tree that i decorate in silver..Ahhh so pretty! (i didn't put the 3rd one up yet but it will be in gold!)

Did you put yours up yet?

~~Remember, if Christmas isn't found in your heart, you won't find it under the tree

11 words from my friends!:

Jenne said...

Your trees are so pretty! I put mine up the day after THanksgiving. I was so excited to get it up since this will be Isaacs first Christmas home! I wish I had room for 3!


Terri said...

Very pretty trees!!! We are putting ours up today.

Amanda said...

So pretty! Kudos to you and everyone else out there that puts up more than one tree. I haven't put any Christmas decorations up yet. I may start this week.

Belinda said...

Hey Leslie,

Your trees look great! I have not even thought about putting ours up.. this year I have to have a new game plan with 2 little curious ones!! I cant decorate our fire place becase the kids will climb and pull the stocking down.. I guess I am going to have to get creative

Robyn said...

What beautiful trees!! We always put up 3 trees, too. I've still not decorated one of them, but I am hoping to find the motivation and energy tonight. :)

Bobbi said...

Beautiful trees. You are very ambitious. I am happy to just get one up!! Ours goes up either next weekend, or the weekend after. Depends on when we have time.

You have been a busy blogger. I am just catching up. I loved all the things to be thankful for.

Enjoy your decorations

J said...

Wow...3 trees! You are good. :)They look beautiful!


Our Complete Family said...

Well hello Christmas ready Leslie!
Love the trees! Super fun and super pretty. Where are you going to put your 3rd tree?
I need to get some Cmas posts going now, too!
Happy new week ahead best namer ever....Love, Les

Rhonda said...

WOWSER girl, THREE trees! I'm impressed. I'm having all I can do to get up ONE!!!!They are very beautiful.

Rachel said...

Pretty trees! I need to get mine up, just can't quite get in the mood to do that yet - it seems like it should still be October, not December already :)

The White Family said...

lOVIN the three christmas tree thing!! That's great! Can't wait to see the gold one. :o)