Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ive been Tagged.Christmas wishes!

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I am to list three things on my holiday wish list. I am going to play!!!

I have been tagged by my blogger buddy Rhonda

1.) Fuzzy slippers-LOL in fact i saw that Landsend had free shipping so i ordered them last night..Now Ken doesn't have to get them! I Know wrong!

(ok these arent the slippers but i was scared these are the ones Kenny might make me!)

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2.) A new (Matching) 12pc pan set ...I saw that Paul Dean had her own line at Target so I'm hoping that's what I get!HINT HINT (ken are you seeing this)

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3.)I wish Daniel our Mayan Family Student we sponsor a Merry Christmas and that i hope this family enjoys their Tamale basket we sent them!

Have a Blessings Thanksgiving Friends!

I'm tagging 3 friends

Savannah (Carrie)

6 words from my friends!:

Arena Mom said...

OMG, do you have those slippers on display at your house?? How funny!!

I will work on my list!

Stacey and Dewey said...

Love the slippers, perfect DIY gifts for friends:)
Oh I love the pan set too, I'll be crossing my fingers you get it!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

Bobbi said...

Love the slippers--and cookware. I am going to chekc that out for me!!

Happy THanksgiving

Don and Be said...

You mean that adults with a 2 year old get to have a Christmas list too?!?!
I'll work on mine.
Happy Thanksgiving to your tribe!

Mama Bear said...

Ahhh, thanks for playing and I have to say, I totally dig those slippers, wowser, LOVE them! I too can't wait to see pictures of our sponsor families receiving their tamale baskets. It just tickles my heart to see their big smiles.

Rose said...

Those slippers funny!