Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 5 of our Forever Family journey! Mi Casa....

On day 5 (Thanksgiving day) we returned to the Land that i love! God bless the U.S.A

Abby did great on the plane she was so sick but didn't make a sound! We did fly First Class which helped (We will never see that again).

Here is Abby and I after she cleared Customs! OH the happy tears that we shed!

The Day We Adopted You

Author: Unknown

If we had it to do over again Adoption is what we'd choose

We got more than we had hoped for.The day we adopted you

For you have given us more in life Than we could ever want or need

You made our house into a home And made our family complete

We love you more than life itself for all the things you say and do

And if we had it to do over again

You'd be the only one we'd choose.

~~We love you Cindy "Abigail"Marie

4 words from my friends!:

Our Complete Family said...

So happy for all of you, Leslie! And 1st class? Boy did you welcome your sweet bundle Abby in style girly!
xo, Les

Belinda said...


So happy you brought Abby home safely! today is my "Gotcha" day with Elise!

Bobbi said...

What a awesome poem. Guess that is a Thanksgiving you will never forget!!

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

I love that poem. And yes, clearing customers and having your papers stamped and being home is the BEST feeling in the world.