Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trendy Tuesday..Its been awhile!80's bands

This weeks Trendy Tuesday is a great theme..Boy bands of the 80s or favorite singers in the 80's!! What were yours?
Duran Duran ...OMG i swore i was going to marry Roger Taylor(The one with the dark hair) one day.Yes i was ten and didnt realize that Roger was in his 30's! I had the Roadie jacket,T-shirts and what ever else K-Mart sold!! LOL
duran duran Pictures, Images and Photos
Prince...Mom wouldnt let me have the tape due to explicit language...who didnt love Purple Rain? LOL
Purple Rain Pictures, Images and Photos
Ahhh yes the Beastie Boys...My kids now listen to this cd!
beastie boys Pictures, Images and Photos
Last but not least..Michael Jackson but only before all the surgery and the thing with kids...I had the zipper pants and pins on my jean jacket of him!
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8 words from my friends!:

Kim said...

Also loved Duran Duran - and Michael. My girlfriend had the red leather jacket and everything - we thought she was so cool.

My biggest 80's crush was on Jack Wagner. Oh my!!! I LOVED him. My parents even took me to his concert. {sigh}

Valerie said...

Oh, man! The Beastie Boys bring back such memories! My Ava is dancing to the tunes! Sorry we missed each other at G-fest. I saw you live in Ohio, we live in Indiana, about a half hour away from Fort Wayne.

Our Complete Family said...

Must be in the name girl...I listened to the same stuff! I love listening to our local 80's and 90's station. I miss that stuff!!!

Kelly said...


Rock On Sister!

Daphne said...

I remember when I got the Beastie Boys tape and hid it from my parents... "She's Crafty" was just a bit too saucy for my age!

Belinda said...


thanks for stopping by. You are killing me with the 80's music.. and I loved Duran Duran and I had the parachute pants (white) back in the day and my brother had the michael Jackson jacket.. I remember when the word premiere thriller come out we were all glued to the TV HAHA your children are beautiful. We brought Elise home the day after Thanksgiving in 2007 she was 15 months old.. We had the worlds worst crooked attorney. and he is the president of the ADA in Guatemala go figure.. during our adoption process I got pregnant so mine are 10 months apart... almost like twins..

Jaime Salas said...

What a blast from the past. Too Funny!

Sig said...

Duran Duran and Michael...yup.

Butmy favorite was Jack Wagner.
::shaking head::