Friday, October 24, 2008


Favorite Foto Friday theme is Pumpkins...What a great theme since we just got back from the pumpkin patch on Sunday! Enjoy!~ Tonight we are going to go to The Boo at the Zoo with the Northeast Ohio Adoption group so I'll post some pics tomorrow!

Abby And Bradley 2008

Abbys First Pumpkin in 2007
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13 words from my friends!:

Heidi said...

So cute! Emmi had that costume 2 years ago. :)

Michelle Riggs said...

Loved the pictures, especially the one with the yellow dress.

Thanks for praying for Abby.

Jill, Nate, and Joey said...

How cute is that yellow dress????? Great photos!

The Driggs said...

Leslie, this is Summer (you contacted me from finding me through the HELP section.) I didn't do anything to make it work again, so Blogger must have fixed the problem recently 'cause it looks like yours is working again too! Your little Abby is so cute!

Belinda said...


looks like you guys had fun picking pumpkins. Love her halloween outfit from last year.. I have to laugh Elise and Abby have the same hair.. little wispy bangs and the sides that grow forward.. they even have the same hair do.. so cute.
Oah and yes our toes are scary and black.. we are so hip HAHA

Our Complete Family said...

Ooooh~ SO FUN AND SWEET! Can't wait to see the 'Boo at the Zoo' pics hun! I bet they'll be awesome! xo, Les

Becca said...

I love the picture comparison. She was cute last year and even cuter this year.

Peace and Hugs,

Sarah said...

Leslie.. Abby is just so sweet with her pumpkins! She has gotten so big!

Lisa said...

What a beautiful little pumpkin you have!;) She is just adorable! I have always wanted to go pick out a pumpkin from a patch but never have.... I will have to change that someday. Thanks for the comment on the cake!

Robyn said...

What cute pics!!


Brina said...

Very sweet pics!!!

Rachel said...

Man - I couldn't get the comment thing to work on Friday, but now it's working like a charm :)

Man - I can't believe how much your little pumpkin has changed in a year - how adorable!

Carrie said...

Yeah! Now I can leave comments!

Last year she was so little and cute and now she is bigger and beautiful (but still cute).

Just adorable.