Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Birthmother poem

~ I found this poem the other day and i love it!!~~~
We have a bond, dear birthmother and I,

It’s the love of a child, we can't deny.

You are a blessing from afar,

To send to us your bright, shining star.

Her journey to us would not have occurred, if your love for her had

ever swerved.

I thank you this day from the bottom of my heart, a sacrifice to one,to

another a fresh start.

This start includes honor to you, as you are the birthmother, twill

always be true.

But I have the pleasure of continuing her journey, as her adoptive

mom, there is no returning.

We have a bond, dear birthmother and I, I pray we will meet one day

in the sky.

I will treasure my blessing every day until then, and pray you'll be

there,so I may thank you again

~LeAnn Fischer from Family Friend Poems

12 words from my friends!:

Amanda said...

OMG, so beautiful.. beautiful poem and beautiful ladies! Abby has such an infectious smile. Give her a huge squeeze for me, will ya!

Love your FFF post as well. :)
Have a great weekend!

Candy said...

WOW GREAT POEM...and CUTE PICTURE TOO...HUGS Candy, Kya Blu and Jagger Jett

Candy said...

Yes Its my Second Comment...GIrl I saw your 80's boy band post...I wanted to marry John Taylor...I still have my posters and PIN...It was either PRINCE or John Tayler for me...and I thought I was Madonna and Cindy Lauper...Oh wait I still do...HA


Becca said...

Leslie - that is an awesome poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Peace and Hugs,

PS - LOVE the DMB!!

Christina said...

What a beautiful poem. Love the picture of you and Abby too.

AZ Mama said...

That is so beautiful! I will be saving that to use in my son's scrapbook.

PS You commented on my blog about Vicky's Deals. That is where I "met" you and knew to find your blog. :)

ANDREEA said...

I love your poem!So beautiful!
Yes,my blog is "my treasure Elina",I have been waiting for two years now.I will adopt from my country,Romania,it's hard,complicated.I hope by next year I will be a mommy to a beautiful little girl.I will call her ELINA.I don't know how she will look like..but I dream about it all the time!

Rhonda said...

cute picture......... What a great poem.

Belinda said...

Look at you guys so cute!! Love the poem. Hope you are having a great Saturday

Princess Gabby and Prince Hunter said...

okay I'm seriously sobbing, that was so sweet. Do you mind if I borrow it to put it on my blog? Oh wow, how sweet and we just got back from a Guatemala family picnic. I'm even more reminded of how beautiful these sweet angels are. That is a beautiful picture by the way!!! So cute!

April said...

I love that poem, so sweet and so true, thank you for sharing it with us!!!

Valerie said...

Oh, my gosh. I love that poem!