Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yep its SATURDAY...OSU rally time!!! O-H-I-O

These are some things that a TRUE Ohio State Buckeye fan needs before any BIG game...



Brutus Buckeye Socks-CHECK

Scarlett and Gray Hairbow-CHECK

Yea OSU shoes...CHECK! Legos? CHECK?!

(Yes after how crappy they played last week im a bit nervous!)Yep spoken like a true Ohio sports fan!

8 words from my friends!:

Kim said...

I'm with you! No Beanie - horrible play last weekend - playing the #1 team. I'm a fan through and through - but this could be bad. :)

Gail said...

Looks like Abby is all ready.
Have fun!!

Rhonda said...

OMG Leslie, LOVE those outfits on Abby. What an awesome cheerleader!!!! I can't even believe those shoes girl!!!!!

Not a sports fan, but gotta rally for ya!!!

Hugs, :-) Rhonda

Amanda said...

Her outfits rock! The first one is too cute.

Aimee said...

Where did you get those shoes????? Hey - I thought it was superstitiouse to post about the game before we won?? Just kidding!!

Our Complete Family said...

Oh my gosh~ Abby is darling and all decked out to the 9's! So funny! Have you taught her any little cheers?!? xo Les

Cindy said...

Gorgeous girl, as usual :-).

Rachel said...

Ooohhh how adorable - I love that fan apparel!!