Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where are they now..Guate-tots!!

I cant believe how fast time flew by since our baby girls have been home..I'm happy to say they are all over 2 years old!Happy Bday my girls!

These are the babies from our agency that were being picked up on Nov 21st 2006. This pic was taken the night before we went home! Although we don't see each other as much as we'd like I do try to keep up with their families!!! Here's the update...

1.) Lea 2.)my smiley Abby 3.)Leah 4.)Isabella

1.)Lea- was the peanut and the oldest of the girls! She still is such a quite happy little girl living in Ohio with her Mom,Dad,and Brother

2.) Abby -I really think you know a lot about Miss Abby since this blog is about her!In her spare time she likes to work-out and have tantrums, oh and whine!

3.)Leah(right)-is a very very smart little girl she speaks like a 30 year old and was potty trained at 20months (I'm jealous).She lives in Ohio with her Daddy,Mommy and Big sis Alysia (left)!

4.) Isabella- Didn't make a single peep when we were in Guatemala (of course her mommy may say differently). In her Spare time she models for Victoria's Secret(j/K) and lives in MI with her Mommy...I love her but i don't have the heart to tell her that The Buckeyes are going to beat the U of M AGAIN this year! LOL

8 words from my friends!:

Ruthanne said...

They are SO cute!! How great that you can all keep in touch. What beautiful little girls.

Amanda said...

Beautiful babies. I love that you still keep in touch!

By the way, are you working on any potty training or you gonna wait a bit still? I wasn't planning on starting til 3, but he's taken to it much better this past week so looks like he may be pt'd BY 3!! -crosses fingers-

Rhonda said...

OH MY GOODNESS, what fun pictures and to see so them now so much bigger. They are all such beautiful little girls and what a precious model. Couldn't get either of my girls to stand that still long enough!

Hugs, Rhonda

Michelle said...

This post is so beautiful....It is amazing to see who they change and grow into wonderful little peopel.

Thanks for sharing...


Motherhood for Dummies said...

what cute pics. I love the last one in the flamico dress (is that how you spell it)... just uber cute!

Terri said...

What beautiful Guat tots!!!

One Busy Momma said...

Awesome that all of you still keep in touch!!!!!
Beautiful girls!!!!!
I've got three handsome boys! *hint hint*!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Abby's smile makes ME smile! She is soooo precious!