Sunday, September 21, 2008

~~ My 100th Blog post~~~ YIPPPPPPY

Today is my 100th blog entry! I would like to thank My dear Friend Katie N for getting on me about not having a blog yet! Its actually been fun i had no clue that people would think my boring life would make them laugh! Here are some questions that you ,the reader would like to know!......

1.) what is you fave thing about living where u do?

~ Hmm well i live in a very small town (village) population under 3K so really to have "fun" we go to Cleveland. They have the best restaurants and museums its also a very BIG melting pot!

2.) Are you ashamed by your rated R (meaning REAL...LOL)blog friends?????
Well if i was ashamed of you i wouldn't be your friend! Kelly don't worry i love you! LOL

3.) And are you where you thought you'd be 10 years ago

~ I kid you not HELL no...I was in a abusive marriage with a 3 month old,3 year old,5 year old...I wanted out sooo bad that i could taste it, a smart woman can only handle soo much!!
* I looked him in the eye said "I'm done and I'm sleeping on the couch!"
* Started living a total separate life in one house and I DIDN'T CARE what he thought! It was as if overnight i said HECK WITH THIS!
* I found a full time job,sitter,car,Domestic violence group...and some fun!
~~NO child deserves to be living in what my 3 little ones had to see and hear! WOMEN POWER!!!! LOL

4.) Who brought up the idea to adopt.. you or your DH?

I was done having children even if i got married again or not..Well a few months into my 2ND marriage i thought to myself "hmmm i wonder what its like to raise a child with someone as amazing as the man i had?"...After my 3rd child i had a Tubal Ligation after 3 high risk pregnancies my body was DONE! Ken's boss (the one who hired him at the job we met at) had just adopted Domestic and Guatemalan and that started to get my wheels going about adoption....Ken said "3 kids is good enough for me!"....LMAO and you know the rest of the story..Now when he is all cuddly with Abby i laugh to myself...4 is better!!! LOL

5.)Do you want to adopt again?

No for many reasons..4 is all i can handle,Cost to raise 4 is CRAZY,adoption is NOT for the weak it was 9months of pain so many ups and downs(oh and you cant have a Epidural!), I would like to one day go to school and Travel .. yes I'm doing things in reverse!

6.) How did you meet your husband?

Our wedding day Oct18th,03

I met him at work..He was the new guy who happened to open the door for me when i had a arm full of stuff..I thought "theres something guys don't do that much anymore!"...OK remember i thought all men were jerks at that time so that was very very nice of him to do! I sent him a email about wanting to meet outside of work....The next day i went to church and came home and there was a message on machine sayings LETS MEET! On our date i said "i prayed you would call me!" and he said "wow i never had anyone say that i was a answer to their prayers!" LOL ................After a few weeks I introduced him to the kids(The true test) at the time they were 8,7,3 years old..My youngest threw up on his couch and pee'd on his floor in one weekend...He cleaned it up..He passed my test! LOL

7.) And this isn't really a question, but can you tell us a bit more about your other 3 children!! Age, likes, dislikes, what you love most about them individually...

Ashley-Very very very intelligent that its scares me the things she has said and done over the years...Examples are...She is big on anything Japanese (Language,Art styles,music )..She knows many Japanese words and says "oh mom its so easy!" What!? LOL ...she is a Amazing artist.( i have posted many of her works on my blog)....Very very independent...
Ashleys Dislikes-Meat (hasn't eaten it since she was 4 years old)

Bradley- Is the middle child and it shows...He's the peacemaker,The jock,The good guy, And a GREAT brother to his siblings...OH and believe it he is 100% his Mommy when it comes to his attitude..I know what he's thinking and why! LOL
He is also the ladies man! LOL
Dislikes-being organized,homework

Grant- He's a interesting mix...Very sensitive,into music,video games...He is very very sensitive and if you say one thing he doesn't like he gets puppy dog tears in his eyes..He sometimes needs 2 listen before he speaks..He says some shocking things at times(hmmm who does he get that from?) LOL
Dislike-writing of any kind,carrots,bugs

5 words from my friends!:

Katie said...

Awww.... luv ya girlfriend !! You are a awesome friend :)

Aimee said...

Hey - I totally forgot to submit what I wanted to know, but you answered it....why you adopted! Anyway, you are so strong and what a much better place you are in now! All of your children are wonderful!!

Our Complete Family said...

Oh my goodness~ CONGRATS on your 100th post! You are way on top of things...I think I missed my 100th. I'm a slacker, hu?!? It was so fun to read all of your answers. You are a very strong woman and I admire you. Go girl!!! You guys are all adorable! Love, the other Leslie, aka the slacker ;)

Amanda said...

WTG, getting out of your 1st marriage!!

I can't believe you have us hanging on til tomorrow. Wait... actually, I'm not surprised you wise one. ;)

Cindy said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I always love reading your blog. This was a different kind of post. I loved the idea and the answers are so interesting. Of course I always want to read about your little princess, but it's fun to get to know everyone else better, too!