Friday, September 19, 2008

Grant gets his braces...And Abby too???

Grant got his braces today..He only got 4 and next Friday he gets a Expander which slowly widens his jaw for 6months. His father and I have HUGE horse teeth so it was bound to happen!..Sorry kids!

And of course Abby said "show you my brace!" That girl!

5 words from my friends!:

jill marie said...

Alli cannot WAIT to get those things off!

They look good on him.... braces give you character!

You have beautiful kids!

sarahdelap said...

When I got braces my parents were saving for a hot tub. They got me braces instead. For the three years I wore them they would look at me at random times and say how's the hot tub. They thought it was really funny. I do however appreciate my smile

Our Complete Family said...

Oh lordy girl. I had braces and hated it! But am glad now my P's put me through it! Did you feed him ice cream and yogurt and all things yummy and soft or were his teeth not too sore with just the 4 so far?!? How old is Grant? They told us at B's last 6 month cleaning/check up to start saving mega $'s now b/c Bryce will need them, too. He's 8. I don't even know when they start that now?!? Lordy lordy! Love and happy hugs L, xo Les

Mindy said...

Awwww...they look cute! Mikayla is going to have to have a TON of dental work done since she is missing teeth. I am dreading it! :-)

Our Family of 5 said...

Remember when it was so uncool to have braces? And now they are the coolest thing in the world. Grand of course looks adorable. And Miss Abby too=)