Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trendy Tuesday..Remembering the 80's

I was feeling nostalgic today so i decided to find some great 80's fashion memories!ENJOY!
Really what was the purpose of these? I had a few colors of leg warmers!
I'm proud to say i never owned a pair of Mork Suspenders ! Did you?
Yes i had many of these in EVERY size!
I was a poor kid so i didn't own these!!But My Daughter has many!
Of course for being a poor kid i had both white and blue of these! I loved Skating!
Wow what a horrible thing to do to our hair!! But it looked so cool in the 80's!
Last but not least! The best .99 Cents ever spent..This stuff could kill a horse BUT damn didn't our hair look AWESOME!
HA i knew you'd smile!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall is here!

I think Fall is here..I spent most of my weekend sick with a double ear Infection and Sinus Infection but i did sneak outside for a few minutes and wow to my surprise the leaves are beginning to change color!!!!BEAUTIFUL!

~Abby helped me put up the fall decor last week~~

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Tea Party with Homer and Dora!

For Abbys first Birthday she got a Tea set and i pulled it out for her this week and she loves it! She put dora and Homer in the side pockets of her T.V tray! And she is using her plastic shopping basket as her chair!!! IM not sure where she comes up with these ideas!!!??? LOL
~Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea. ~Author Unknown~

Friday, September 26, 2008

FFF~ Silly Smiles~~~

This weeks Favorite Foto Friday theme is "Silly Smiles!"
And Man does Abby have some silly smiles! Here are a few of my faves!

Silly Smiles with Her Friend Sophia

Mexican Style Silly Smiles!
chilling in her Bed silly smiles!

~There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.”~
To see more Silly smiles go to Sarah's blog http://www.kissthefrog4me.blogspot.com/

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thrusday.

On Tuesday we met up with another adoptive family The Gamble's (from VA).They were visiting http://fourchildrenrus.blogspot.com/ their In-Laws in Ohio!

Gracia's for welcoming us into your lovely home and making us a TASTY dinner!
But first we met up at the Natural History Museum...Abby finds a turtle friend!


Abby got a new stuffed friend at the museum ..She loves rabbits and i love them stuffed! LOL

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hair art for toddlers!

I love seeing unique hairstyles on little girls ..BUT to actually try to do them seem impossible. My blogger-Mom friend Heidi introduced me to this ladies cool blog on girl hair styles... http://www.shedoeshair.blogspot.com/
~My first ever attempt to do something cool!~ Abby has about 3 huge Cowlicks in her hair so not easy but it was fun!!!
Oh and give your kid a Happy Meal before beginning!
~ That girl has a Been licked!~

~The end result..I guess i need to practice some more?~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Please keep The Riggs family in your prayers...

Today please take a few moments to pray for The Riggs family...Their 5 year old Daughter Abby is in the Hospital battling Leukemia..If you'd like to read more or send her parents a message go to http://www.riggsfamilyblog.com/
~And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. (James 5:15)

Twisted Tuesday..Lambs with shoes?

Lamby(Her stuffed pal) gets some new shoes?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Part dos of my 100th post questions!

Here's the rest of the questions from my 100th post ...CONT..
8.) Were your three older children excited about your adopting Abby and/or any jealousy issues?

No not at first.. Here is there responses (or close to what they said)

Ashley-" What? why ?" " I want to be the Only girl" "oHHH no not someone else to get on my nerves!"

Brad-"ahhh okkkkayyy"

Grant- Imagine the tears flowing(no not happy ones!)" But I'm the baby!" WHY?"

Since they were older when we brought Abby home they adjusted quickly now they are very happy that they have her! Except when she gets into their stuff!

9.) Tell us your most embarrassing moment! BE TRUTHFUL! :)

Oh i have many but this one stands out in my mind the most!

OK here goes.......We had one hidden potty that my co-workers liked to use when we needed to do #2 in privacy (ohh come on you'd use it too!)
Well someone went in and didn't lock the door...Hmm ok i didn't knock now i really should have BUT come on lock the door!!!~ LOL I walked in and it was a Male co-worker sitting there (Thankfully we didn't work in the same dept)...I walked in froze and said "OMG i swear i saw nothing!" and ran out (Yes I'm a liar!) .......I ran,ran,ran to our work area and fell to the floor laughing...I died of embarrassment ..If you want to know if Mexicans blush..YES WE DO! I never looked that poor man in the eyes again!!!

10.) Would you change anything about your past? Why or why not?

Nothing, if i changed one thing it would alter my happiness now! Oh many things i would love to forget though!

11.) Whats your "guilty" pleasure? Come on we all have one or 100. T.V show, movie, food, could be anything :)

Shopping...And anyone who knows me can tell you if you need to find something at a bargain price I'm the lady you call or email first...I know where you can get deals on ANYTHING well almost Anything! Some call me cheap but i prefer SMART!

OH and i try to send out emails to my friends once a week about all the awesome deals i find! You want to be on my list? send me your email????

I also love to go to wine tastings and eat..One day I'm sure that might catch up to me!
My favorite T.V show is The Office that show cracks me up and makes my day!
I have a crush on Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs on The Discovery Channel...He is a hottie *yea ken knows!***

12.) This might be too personal so feel free to ignore me but I would like to know (roughly) how much adoption costs and also if you find out info on the birth parents before you adopt the baby?

Well the cost of adoption varies from Country to Country from International to Domestic but this website is very very informative http://www.theadoptionguide.com/cost/articles/how-much-does-adoption-cost

I like to tell people "Its priceless!" but that answer doesn't help someone if you are thinking about adoption! LOL

Every country is different when it comes to knowing info about the Birth-Parents...some Babies are abandoned and they know NOTHING about the infant (not even age!)...
With Abby's situation we know NOTHING about the birth father just that he was abusive....Now the birth mother we have,address (not her real one we just found out),Name,Older Siblings names and birth dates...We also have a few pictures for DNA purposes...I have no health History

~~ My 100th Blog post~~~ YIPPPPPPY

Today is my 100th blog entry! I would like to thank My dear Friend Katie N http://www.nyblomfamily.blogspot.com/ for getting on me about not having a blog yet! Its actually been fun i had no clue that people would think my boring life would make them laugh! Here are some questions that you ,the reader would like to know!......

1.) what is you fave thing about living where u do?

~ Hmm well i live in a very small town (village) population under 3K so really to have "fun" we go to Cleveland. They have the best restaurants and museums its also a very BIG melting pot!

2.) Are you ashamed by your rated R (meaning REAL...LOL)blog friends?????
Well if i was ashamed of you i wouldn't be your friend! Kelly don't worry i love you! LOL

3.) And are you where you thought you'd be 10 years ago ...today?

~ I kid you not HELL no...I was in a abusive marriage with a 3 month old,3 year old,5 year old...I wanted out sooo bad that i could taste it, a smart woman can only handle soo much!!
* I looked him in the eye said "I'm done and I'm sleeping on the couch!"
* Started living a total separate life in one house and I DIDN'T CARE what he thought! It was as if overnight i said HECK WITH THIS!
* I found a full time job,sitter,car,Domestic violence group...and some fun!
~~NO child deserves to be living in what my 3 little ones had to see and hear! WOMEN POWER!!!! LOL

4.) Who brought up the idea to adopt.. you or your DH?

I was done having children even if i got married again or not..Well a few months into my 2ND marriage i thought to myself "hmmm i wonder what its like to raise a child with someone as amazing as the man i had?"...After my 3rd child i had a Tubal Ligation after 3 high risk pregnancies my body was DONE! Ken's boss (the one who hired him at the job we met at) had just adopted Domestic and Guatemalan and that started to get my wheels going about adoption....Ken said "3 kids is good enough for me!"....LMAO and you know the rest of the story..Now when he is all cuddly with Abby i laugh to myself...4 is better!!! LOL

5.)Do you want to adopt again?

No for many reasons..4 is all i can handle,Cost to raise 4 is CRAZY,adoption is NOT for the weak it was 9months of pain so many ups and downs(oh and you cant have a Epidural!), I would like to one day go to school and Travel .. yes I'm doing things in reverse!

6.) How did you meet your husband?

Our wedding day Oct18th,03

I met him at work..He was the new guy who happened to open the door for me when i had a arm full of stuff..I thought "theres something guys don't do that much anymore!"...OK remember i thought all men were jerks at that time so that was very very nice of him to do! I sent him a email about wanting to meet outside of work....The next day i went to church and came home and there was a message on machine sayings LETS MEET! On our date i said "i prayed you would call me!" and he said "wow i never had anyone say that i was a answer to their prayers!" LOL ................After a few weeks I introduced him to the kids(The true test) at the time they were 8,7,3 years old..My youngest threw up on his couch and pee'd on his floor in one weekend...He cleaned it up..He passed my test! LOL

7.) And this isn't really a question, but can you tell us a bit more about your other 3 children!! Age, likes, dislikes, what you love most about them individually...

Ashley-Very very very intelligent that its scares me the things she has said and done over the years...Examples are...She is big on anything Japanese (Language,Art styles,music )..She knows many Japanese words and says "oh mom its so easy!" What!? LOL ...she is a Amazing artist.( i have posted many of her works on my blog)....Very very independent...
Ashleys Dislikes-Meat (hasn't eaten it since she was 4 years old)

Bradley- Is the middle child and it shows...He's the peacemaker,The jock,The good guy, And a GREAT brother to his siblings...OH and believe it he is 100% his Mommy when it comes to his attitude..I know what he's thinking and why! LOL
He is also the ladies man! LOL
Dislikes-being organized,homework

Grant- He's a interesting mix...Very sensitive,into music,video games...He is very very sensitive and if you say one thing he doesn't like he gets puppy dog tears in his eyes..He sometimes needs 2 listen before he speaks..He says some shocking things at times(hmmm who does he get that from?) LOL
Dislike-writing of any kind,carrots,bugs

Friday, September 19, 2008

Grant gets his braces...And Abby too???

Grant got his braces today..He only got 4 and next Friday he gets a Expander which slowly widens his jaw for 6months. His father and I have HUGE horse teeth so it was bound to happen!..Sorry kids!

And of course Abby said "show you my brace!" That girl!


The Theme for this weeks Fave.Foto is ~Hope~

My MIL was first Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1988...She was in Remission for many years and Cancer reared its ugly head again! Joyce, I (Abby too) cant wait to see you in SC in October!Please lets HOPE and pray that the next few months she feels better!

~~~~ Please please please do a self breast exam EVERY month it could save your life~~~

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tattoos on my sweetie..

Every time Abby's Daddy gets fake tattoos and stickers he has to put them all over my sweet girl..She looks like a biker babe!
OH yea and stickers too..This is the ONLY tattoo she can get!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...muy linda (Very pretty)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trendy Tuesday...Senior Pictures!

Today's theme is Senior Pictures..I found Senior pictures of my Parents! LOL
Randy C/O 72
Jane C/O 70 Me C/O 92***I just want you to know I waited for this (ugly) shirt to go on sale before i purchased it for $3*** WOW i payed wayyyy to much! OHH 90s fashion!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where are they now..Guate-tots!!

I cant believe how fast time flew by since our baby girls have been home..I'm happy to say they are all over 2 years old!Happy Bday my girls!

These are the babies from our agency that were being picked up on Nov 21st 2006. This pic was taken the night before we went home! Although we don't see each other as much as we'd like I do try to keep up with their families!!! Here's the update...

1.) Lea 2.)my smiley Abby 3.)Leah 4.)Isabella

1.)Lea- was the peanut and the oldest of the girls! She still is such a quite happy little girl living in Ohio with her Mom,Dad,and Brother

2.) Abby -I really think you know a lot about Miss Abby since this blog is about her!In her spare time she likes to work-out and have tantrums, oh and whine!

3.)Leah(right)-is a very very smart little girl she speaks like a 30 year old and was potty trained at 20months (I'm jealous).She lives in Ohio with her Daddy,Mommy and Big sis Alysia (left)!

4.) Isabella- Didn't make a single peep when we were in Guatemala (of course her mommy may say differently). In her Spare time she models for Victoria's Secret(j/K) and lives in MI with her Mommy...I love her but i don't have the heart to tell her that The Buckeyes are going to beat the U of M AGAIN this year! LOL