Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Ashley Art work!

I think this was done the other day on her computer drawing board.

IM not sure if i've posted this one before...This was made 2 years ago when she was 13 on the front sidewalk!

7 words from my friends!:

Robyn said...

How beautiful!! She is very talented!!


Madelyn's Mommy said...

That is one talented girl!!!

I can't even draw a stick figure!


Stacey and Dewey said...

WOW Ashley is amazinging talented. She will have unlimited possiblities for career choices. I wish I had even a tiny bit of artistic ability. (I failed art in high school, have you ever heard of such a thing failing "Art" yep I did it)
You must be so proud of her.


April said...

Wow, I would hire her today to do am mural, very talented artist..hope you get pink soon...

WendtFamily4 said...

Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words! Your little one is such a doll!! I bet she has her daddy wrapped around her finger!

Take Care!
Thanks for looking at my blog!


April said...

I realized that after I posted..haha...I added you to my favorite blogs on my can drive you crazy that is for

Aimee said...

She is amazing! Also - I forgot to tell you...Mayna's middle name is Abigail :) - Aimee and Mayna