Monday, June 9, 2008

My name is Leslie and I am a addict!!!!

If you haven't experienced this site yet you must look at it! I have zero talent so It's great for people like me who like unique clothes for kids that you wouldn't find at Wal-mart (not that i don't like Wal-Mart)..Its a site where talented Men and Women sell their homemade crafts (anything from Necklaces to scarves)...Check it out! OH yea and some of the store owners sell things at reasonable prices and most are happy to do custom orders! Enjoy! I am not a paid endorser just a happy customer ..LOL!
I had the Princesa Guatemalteca onesie custom made by this talented young lady
The Tutu was custom made in Guatemalan Flag colors by;

This is the newest dress I've ordered made by;

For Mother's day i bought myself this (Thanks Ken!) With my kids names on it.Beautiful!!
This lady also has pretty adoption jewelry
I love this dress she hasn't worn it yet,Made by;

I used this bag as her Toddler Diaper bag

I have ordered bows from many different people but here is my faves;

1 words from my friends!:

Sarah said...

Etsy-aholic here too... such cute stuff! I have resigned myself to look and not buy for a while though!