Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mi Familia....

Im a very bad family member i dont have any photos of Kens family scanned on my computer..So i cant show you any pics of them! Yes i love love love my In-Laws I swear i do! I also dont have new pics of my Mom she hates having her pic taken so not sure how i will take one of her! LOL

My Nephew Joey he is 4

Mandy is 33 married no kids,Jamie is 25 married one son who's 4..And me of course!

My Brother Spencer he's 30 ..I got this pic off of his My space page I'm sure he loves that I'm posting this on my public blog! LOL

1 words from my friends!:

Don and Be said...

I'd show you some family pics but it could be scary....
Thanks for stopping by our blog. We have taken several mission trips to Guatemala over the years and fell in love with the people, the countryside (mountains that pierce the clouds - we have a picture with us on top - indescribeable!) and the culture. We stayed at Panajachel - there were so many Americans there that we called it Gringocastenango) and hiked the jungles at Tikal where we climbed the pyramids. We worked in medical clinics in Nebaj (at the END of the road) and in shanty towns in Guatemala city - severe reality shock.
Princesa is just gourgeous and appears to be a blessing to your already large family. If we could have adopted from Guatemala. we would have - it was first on our list. Several items kept it from happening. Looks like God had a different plan as we will welcome Joanna Mei from China into our home REAL soon. We are jazzed beyond words!
Blessings to y'all,