Sunday, June 1, 2008

The EAC Adoption Reunion at the Cleveland Zoo Memorial Day weekend!

The guate.Gang Me,Abby,Leah,Jeanne,Alysia,Lea,Betsy

The start of the EAC International parade...Kaz,China,Guate.,Russia, Ukraine

Every year our adoption agency,EAC has a reunion at the Cleveland Zoo!

I love this reunion every year I cry ..Its a breathtaking site to see hundreds of

Families brought together by adoption! They have a picnic where we got to meet up with our "pick up group" ..This was the first time we where together as a group since the girls were 6 months old! There was only one family who wasnt there this year from our "pick up group"...But im sure we will see them next year!

1 words from my friends!:

Donna said...

Hi--Glad to meet another EAC family! I loved the reunion, it was our first. Your little girl is so cute!

take care,